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Marketing Consulting for Vegan/Sustainable/Ethical Businesses

Are you struggling to reach your audience online, and when you do you don't know why they aren't converting?

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Hey, I'm Kira and I help vegan/ethical/sustainable businesses like you expand your online reach and finally have the business and impact you've been dreaming of!

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You started a vegan/ethical/sustainable business so that you can use your skills or knowledge to make the world a better place

  • You sell either a product or a service online and have had some luck, but are so ready for your business to really take off!

  • You've tried marketing yourself on social media it takes up sooo much of your (precious!) time and you don't even get many strong leads or sales from it. 

  • You've tried pitching or you're still nervous to pitch to potential partners for collaborations. "Who should I pitch to?" What do I even pitch to them?" "How do I write it?" "What if they reject me?"

  • You feel so overwhelmed and confused and don't possibly have the time to do all of the things or figure out what you SHOULD be doing... 

Grow Your Reach


Step 1: Learn to speak directly to the core desires and challenges of your target audience. With Kira's expert guidance and some simple marketing research, you'll craft irresistible marketing messages that make your ideal clients convert without a second thought.


Step 2: Imagine being able to confidently identify and pitch to businesses who serve the same audience but offer complementary solutions. Kira will help you identify the right partnerships and help you confidently collaborate without blinking an eye. These game-changing partnerships will send your business soaring to new heights!


Step 3: The final and most important piece to finally being able to attract your dream clients (and sign them as a new client!) is to have a strong call-to-action. Learn exactly what you need to include in your final pitch so that your prospective dream clients sign up with you.

These effective, timeless marketing strategies will help your business continually attract your dream clients without having to post on social media! All while getting the tailored 1:1 support you need.
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Kandice - Founder, The Conscious Content Initiative
I was struggling with attracting new leads, and positioning my offering effectively to feel confident in my service and ready to share it with the world.
Now I have a valuable, quality lead magnet that I can use to generate new leads for my business. A more thorough understanding of my clients needs that I've used to tailor my brand messaging to attract more quality leads. I was trying to do a bit of 'everything' to get leads and getting no results - but now I know exactly where to focus my time and energy so I don't feel so overwhelmed!
Now I'm so motivated, excited and confident in my business offering and my potential to attract amazing vegan clients!

Hey I'm Kira!

I help vegan/ethical/sustainable brands expand their online reach with effective partnership marketing so they can finally be fulled booked with their dream clients!


I started this business because I'm passionate about veganism and... 

kira michelle, vegan business marketing coach, plant-based marketing coach

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