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Marketing Consulting for Vegan/Ethical/Sustainable Businesses

Grow Your Online Reach With Strategic Partnerships

(So You Can Finally Stop Stressing About Having No Time or Money to Market Your Business!)

kira michelle, vegan business marketing coach, plant-based marketing coach
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Tired of posting to *crickets*?

Hey I'm Kira and I help vegan/ethical/sustainable businesses like you expand your online reach through strategic partnerships so you can finally stop worrying about your lack of time or money to market your business!

Why? Because partnerships are like referrals with 3 cups of espresso. They are the key to having a booming business!


When you are able to identify complementary businesses, and confidently pitch an offer to them you are going to put in the least amount of effort for the greatest reward!

And that's what it's all about, working smarter not harder right?!


If your plant-powered/eco-friendly business is struggling to get clients online, and you're seriously done wasting money and time trying to figure it out on your own, then you've come to the right place.

Picture Jane

Jane has recently started her own online plant-based coaching business. She's worked with a handful of clients, mainly from people she knows and a couple of referrals. She knows her program can give her clients results, and she’s ready to get more clients and grow her online business.

But Things Didn't Quite Go As Planned... 

Jane thought that growing her vegan fitness coaching business would be a breeze – she posts to her Instagram and Facebook pages every day, engages with her niche on Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups, she's been to a few online and in-person networking events, and she's even pitched her business to a few vegan brands to see if they would want to collaborate with her.
She has gotten a few likes and comments on her social media, but no one signing up as a new client. She hasn’t landed any clients from all of the networking and has only gotten one small collaboration but nothing to write home about.


Jane can't wait until she can actually have a real money-making business that allows her and her family to go on vacation when they want, build their dream house in the mountains, where she can wake up every day excited to be making the world a better place with each new successful plant-based client at a time! 


Jane is SO close to living her dream life, but it’s hard for Jane to improve her marketing on her own because she knows there are so many things she COULD be doing to market her business – social media, SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, email marketing, online and in-person networking, guest blogging, etc. but she doesn’t have the time or energy to do all of it or the expertise to figure out what she SHOULD be focusing on doing.

What If Jane Doesn't Get Help With Her Marketing? 

If Jane doesn’t figure out how to improve her marketing and get new clients coming in consistently she’ll have to start applying for jobs that she doesn’t want just so she can support herself and her family. The thought of waking up for a 9-5 job again and working for somebody else kills her but she needs to put food on the table somehow right?


I Know Because I’ve Been There!

When I first started this business, I created a separate Instagram account, posted every single day, joined all the Facebook groups, engaged with people in those groups, and did ALL of the things above that I THOUGHT were going to help me get interested leads and clients, but in reality, didn’t get me much more than a few semi-interested leads that I continuously had to chase down.


I discovered how to get high-quality leads and new clients knocking at my virtual door day-in-and-day-out, without posting embarrassing reels on social media!

Now I get to spend my days doing what I love; hanging out at the beach, playing with my dog, exploring new countries, eating amazing vegan food, and most of all helping vegan entrepreneurs like you grow your online businesses!

How Exactly...?

By Focusing On These 3 Key Areas:


Step 1: Learn to speak directly to the core desires and challenges of your target audience. With Kira's expert guidance and some simple marketing research, you'll craft irresistible marketing messages that make your ideal clients convert without a second thought.


Step 2: Be able to confidently identify and pitch to businesses who serve the same audience but offer complementary solutions. Kira will help you identify the right partnerships and help you confidently collaborate without blinking an eye. These game-changing partnerships will send your business soaring to new heights!


Step 3: The final and most important piece to finally being able to attract your dream clients (and sign them as a new client!) is to have a strong call-to-action. Learn exactly what you need to include in your final pitch so that your prospective dream clients sign up with you.

Stop wasting your time and energy posting to crickets on social media, it's time to work smarter (not harder) in your business!

Why My Program 

What's unique about this program is that we will be focusing on marketing strategies that have stood the test of time and not just the latest social media fad (that's right no social media or embarrassing Instagram reels!).

You'll get the 1:1 help you really need to start clarifying your marketing in a way that's right for YOUR BUSINESS. 


I will provide you with a unique, clear, actionable marketing plan based on our initial call so you can start landing your dream clients on auto-pilot. Over the next 8 weeks, you'll get access to me as you work through your marketing plan so we can work through any road blocks you're facing.

Why Me? I have over 6 years of experience working in digital marketing and I have been plant-based since 2017 and have a deep understanding and passion for the industry. Most of all... I want to see you and your business succeed. Let's grow this vegan/sustainable community together!

Can You Picture It?

Your business has been featured in a ton of online publications, you are seen as an expert in your niche, and your business is TAKING OFF! You jump out of bed excited to start the day every morning, shouting from the rooftops how glad you are that you didn’t give up.

You have more than enough clients that you can finally buy your dream house you've been eyeing up and go on that once-in-a-lifetime family vacation you've been secretly fantasizing about for the last 5 years.


This Program IS For You If... 

  • You sell an online product or service targeting vegan/ethical/sustainable brands or consumers. For instance: online vegan nutrition/fitness coaches, ethical fashion blogging/consulting, sustainable hotels, online vegan food products, graphic designers for vegan/sustainable businesses, copywriting/content writing for vegan/sustainable businesses, etc.
  • You have worked with at least a few clients and know that your program/service can bring the results you are promising
  • You have a website
  • You’re confused and overwhelmed by marketing your business and can’t seem to land many (or any) interested leads or new clients
  • You are so ready for your business to work and are willing to dedicate a couple of hours each week to implementing new marketing tactics outlined for you

This Program IS NOT For You If... 

  • You sell an in-person product or service. For instance: plant-based restaurants, in-person vegan catering.
  • You haven’t worked with any clients and therefore aren’t sure that your program/service can bring results
  • You don't have a website
  • You're looking for a get-rich-quick scheme where you don't have to put in much work
  • You aren’t willing to dedicate 1-2 hours each week to improving your online marketing
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I was struggling with attracting new leads, and positioning my offering effectively to feel confident in my service and ready to share it with the world.
Now I have a valuable, quality lead magnet that I can use to generate new leads for my business. A more thorough understanding of my clients needs that I've used to tailor my brand messaging to attract more quality leads.
I was trying to do a bit of 'everything' to get leads and getting no results - but now I know exactly where to focus my time and energy so I don't feel so overwhelmed!
Now I'm so motivated, excited and confident in my business offering and my potential to attract amazing vegan clients!

Grow Your Reach

GrowYour Reach

Grow Your Reach is an 8-week marketing consulting program to help your vegan/ethical/sustainable business expand your online reach through strategic partnership marketing so you can finally land your dream clients on auto-pilot!

What's Included?


One-on-one call with me to go over where you are currently in your business, hear what marketing you've tried in the past that has or hasn't worked, and go over your business goals.


Based on our initial call I will develop a unique 3-part marketing plan tailored to your business that you can start implementing right away:

Screen Shot 2023-09-11 at 1.50.46 PM.png


To keep you accountable, answer any questions, or go through any roadblocks you have while working through your marketing plan. Maximum of three 60-minute calls during the 8-week program. 


Ability to email anytime with questions during the 8 weeks, I will aim to respond to your inquiry within 24 hours Monday-Friday (9-5 CST).​​
After the 8 Weeks You Will:

1. Understand your clients problems and desired outcomes like never before with some simple market research.

Craft irresistible marketing messages that will have your ideal clients saying 'Wow they REALLY get me! I NEED to have their [service/product].'.
3. Be able to
identify and confidently reach out to complementary partnerships for collaborations

4. Know exactly what to include in your pitch to ensure a compelling and urgent call-to-action so your dream clients actually sign up with you

Stop wasting your time and energy posting to crickets on social media, it's time to work smarter (not harder) in your business!

Only $350 USD

*For a limited time, price is subject to increase after each batch of clients*

Book a free, no-obligation, 15 minute intro call now to see if your business is a good fit.

Okay, But Who Am I?

Hey, I'm Kira,

I help vegan/ethical/sustainable brands like you confidently reach out and land complementary partnerships so you can finally land your dream clients on auto-pilot!

I started this business because I'm very passionate about veganism and...

kira michelle, vegan business marketing coach, plant-based marketing coach

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