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Top 20 Niches for Female Health Coaches in 2023

Why Now is the Best Time to Start a Health Coaching Business

Below is a list of the top 20 niches for female health coaches in 2023. But before we get into the list, let's talk about why now is the best time to start a health coaching business.

There is seriously no better time to be a health coach than right now in 2023, the health & wellness market is exploding! Back in 2020 the U.S. health coaching market was worth $7.1 Billion. With estimates to grow to 8.87 Billion by 2025.

This growth is no surprise given the last few years of the pandemic making health and wellness top of mind for both businesses and consumers’ alike. Thus putting more of their company's budgets and personal budgets into health and wellness initiatives.

This enormous market is EXACTLY why you need to niche in. There are SO many topics out there that you could help people with, but the more specific you get, the more of an expert you become, and the more people will want to hire you.

Once you’ve gotten your health coaching certification or similar training under your belt, it’s time to claim your share of this ever growing market!

If you aren’t certified yet or haven’t gone to school for a certain health related discipline, that is the first thing you need to do. Here’s a list of the Top 10 Health & Wellness Coaching Certifications compiled by Coach Foundation.

What is a Niche Exactly?

The word niche gets thrown around A LOT. So before we dive into the list lets define exactly what a niche is.

Think of your niche as the intersection between what you love doing, what you’re good at doing, and what people need help with (their PROBLEM).

Therefore, your niche should solve a SPECIFIC problem for a SPECIFIC group of people that gets them a SPECIFIC result.

Top 20 Niches for Female Health Coaches in 2023

When looking at this list of niche topics, you will want to focus on a problem your target market is having related to the topic. For instance, struggling to get their husband on board with a vegan diet. Or struggling to find kid friendly whole food recipes, etc.

Niche Topics by Category:

  • Nutrition

  • Plant-Based/Vegan

  • Keto

  • Paleo

  • Whole Food

  • Gluten free

  • Intermittent Fasting

  • Emotional Eating

  • Fitness

  • Weight Loss

  • Muscle Building

  • Becoming X Type of Athlete

  • Corporate

  • Avoiding Burnout

  • Stress Management

  • Work-Life Balance

  • Health Diagnosis

  • Diabetes

  • Thyroid Issues

  • Acne

  • Cardiovascular Health

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Infertility

There you have it, a list of 20 niche topics you can choose from and expand on.

Remember, your niche will solve a specific problem related to one of the topics above (or another one you decide on), to help a specific group of people achieve a specific result.

Once you’ve decided which topic you want to work in you’ll have to refine it down even further with who you want to work with, and then do some market research to see the problem they are facing around the topic (how THEY talk about it) and what result they’d like to achieve.

If you want help ensuring you have nailed down those 3 parts of your health coaching niche, you can download a free copy of my Master Your Health Coaching Niche in 3 Days worksheet.

It will take you through exactly how to pick the best niche for you and exactly how to do market research to ensure it’s profitable. Download it for free here: Master Your Health Coaching Niche in 3 Days.

Happy niching!

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